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About           Rockin' Malas

Rockin' Malas started during a spiritual journey in 2009 when yoga and meditation were at the height of popularity here in New York. During that time, crystal healing and reiki were also experiencing a shift in popularity, with classes and trainings offered monthly. Since mala beads and spiritual talismans are traditionally from areas outside of the US, many have a very traditional style, look and feel. Rockin Malas was born out of a desire to provide Urban Yogis with designs that blended with their street style. We use high end, responsibility sourced crystals, semi-precious stones, vintage talismans, vintage beads, seeds, wood and semi-precious metals to create one of a kind and custom spiritual pieces. All of our pieces are handmade and knotted to create an urban style talisman, infused with positive energy and intention. Rockin Mala is located in the heart of Brooklyn and New York serves as a muse for every piece created. Rockin Mala stones and colors may differ from photos shown on this website slightly as these pieces contain natural elements and may photograph differently based on the light. However, we have found that all of our clients think our malas look even better in person!  We ask that all who purchase our pieces treat each Rockin Mala with love, respect and gratitude.   Namaste~

We believe that everyone can harness the power of intention. When you believe in your passion and work hard to achieve your desires, you can change your reality. 

About the Designer

Rockin Malas are designed and created by Laticha Sotero-Schamann. Laticha is certified as an E-RYT300 (experienced-registered yoga teacher at the 300 hour level) and Meditation teacher who began her spiritual journey with crystals and energy healing at a very early age. After years of learning about her own spiritual path and having trouble finding malas beads that spoke to her inner being, she began creating personal prayer beads and malas of her own.  When Laticha began learning about the traditional 108 mala, spiritual talismans throughout history and prayer beads, she started incorporating that knowledge into her pieces.


Laticha is a former elementary and middle school educator. She currently works as a national trainer and coach, providing consultation services and presenting on how Education Technology impacts teaching and learning throughout NYC and other states when requested. She also helps schools think about how they can incorporate meditation and body movement into the overall culture of their schools, so that both teachers and students are healthier. 

Laticha was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY where she still lives with her family. 




At Rockin Malas, our mission is to work with experienced practitioners as well as those beginning their spiritual journey, to create loving pieces that will inspire positive change your daily life. This may include setting an intention for yourself, someone you love or the world as a whole. 

Each Rockin Mala is created based on historical spiritual beads, malas layouts, and protective amulets and talismans, adding an urban flare! Every crystal, semi-precious and precious stone, seed, wood, metal and fabric element is hand chosen and crafted to create truly one of a kind pieces. Although we have classic designs, we never mass produce our products. Every item is hand selected, handmade and blessed to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Even our classic designs that are most requested

We encourage all who purchase our malas and spiritual talismans to treat them with love and respect, as they are all made with love in Brooklyn, New York. Set an Intention...Pray for 40 days and beyond...Rock Your Mala!